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Speaking Your Language
  1. HTC aims to revolutionize the hair transplant experience in Turkey by providing proper guidance and communication throughout the process.
  2. Language barriers in most clinics in Turkey can be a significant challenge for individuals seeking hair transplant procedures.
  3. HTC offers comprehensive support and assistance from the beginning of the journey, ensuring comfort, understanding of the process, and proper preparation.
  4. During the stay in Istanbul, HTC provides dedicated support and exceptional treatment, ensuring peace of mind and comfort.
  5. HTC continues to follow up with patients even after they return home, monitoring progress, providing guidance, and support during the healing and recovery process.
  6. HTC emphasizes the importance of preparation, ensuring the best medical team and optimal options for the operation.
  7. The ultimate goal of HTC is to help individuals unlock their full hair potential, boost their confidence, and provide a transformational experience

Hair Transplant Care Offers

The Best Hair Transplant Guide

Hair Transplant Care is an online hair transplant service connecting international patients to the high quality Turkish market, whilst ensuring their comfort and safety before, during and after their hair transplant. Our packages include the return flight to and from your home, the nights spent at the hotel in Istanbul, the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplant, the personal guide and translator who will care for you during your stay in Istanbul and finally an aftercare service where any worries or queries you may have about your hair transplant can be answered. Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy may be added to your package as part of the aftercare for an extra cost.

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